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We Have A Team of Experienced and Skilled Professionals

Mark Demercado Senior

Master Mechanic / Owner

Experience: 30 Years

Expertise: Auto and Air Craft Mechanic, Propeller Repair (JAGAS, Rundquist Propeller Tools trained and certified)

Denise Demercado

Managing Director / Owner

Experience: 22 Years

Expertise: Business Management, Operations and Customer Service.

Stephanie Webster

Customer Service Representative

Experience: 10 Years

Jeremy Webster

Welder / Customer Service Representative

Experience: 10 Years

Nomer Pelonia

Auto Mechanic

Experience: 29 Years

Expertise: Repairs on all make & models (Trained by General Motors)

Dru Bodden

Customer Service Representative

Experience: 2 Years Experience

Chester Snape

Auto Mechanic

Experience: 22 Years

Expertise: Electrical diagnostics, repairs on all makes and models (JAGAS Certified)

Dwight Walker

Auto Mechanic

Experience: 30 Years

Expertise: Repairs all makes and models (Trained by General Motors and JAGAS)

Romaine Knight

Lube Technician

Experience: 14 Months

Otis Gordon

Tyre Technician

Experience: 14 Years

Expertise: Trucks and Heavy Duty Equipment

Mark Demercado Junior

Auto Mechanist Helper /Tyre Technician

Experience: 7 Years

Expertise: JAGAS Certified

Jaworrah Lawrence

Customer Service/ Parts Overseas Sales

Experience: Over 10 Years

Winston Guy

Junior Auto Mechanic

Experience: 1 Year Experience

Expertise: JAGAS certified

Owen McKie

Auto Mechanic

Experience: 21 Years

Expertise: Gas and diesel trucks and cars

Fiona Bailey

Service Writer

Experience: 8 Years

George Agmata

Automotive Welder

Experience: 20 Years

Expertise: Mechanical fitting, fabrication, welding

Donald Richards

Auto Mechanic

Experience: 37 Years

Expertise: Machinery, Millwrighting

Edwin Johnson